When the suicide disease crosses the suicide bridge

Here in Portland, Oregon we have a bridge called the Vista Bridge. It is often called the suicide bridge due to the high numbers of people that end their lives there. This is the bridge I thought of ending my life at due to TN 8 years ago.

The following was a interview I was a part of this past June. At the time there was a huge drive to get suicide prevention barriers up at the bridge. I shared about TN, what the disease was, and how close it came to driving me to going over the rail at the Vista Bridge. It went out over a 3 state area. All of Oregon. SW Washington, Western Idaho. If it sounds like I was scared to death, it is because I was. This was the first time I had ever spoken publicly about what had happened.


Sometimes, it is incredibly hard to talk about the physical and mental pain that TN gives us. I think you are very brave to have come out with your story on the radio.