What topical options are available for nerve pain?

Hello all,

What is out there to treat nerve pain topically? I was given lidocaine patches and they're actually a little helpful... but they keep falling off! AND it can't help the pain on top of my head (unless I shave my head, but I'm scared a wig would trigger more pain!).

Has anyone tried Ketamine gel/ointment, and was it any better than lidocaine patches? Was gabapentin, amitriptyline, or anything else mixed in with the ketamine? Are there any other options I haven't heard of?

My doctor is getting very frustrated/suspicious of my use of Fioricet with codeine - and truly I have no wish to be dependent on that or any other drug. I just want the pain to STOP, and I've read that topical treatments don't build up in the blood like pills do, so monthly tapering off isn't required like it is for Fioricet.

Thanks and God bless,