What side does TN hit the most?

Mine is primarily on the right side and most of the people who only have it on one side it is also on the right side. Kind of interesting isn’t it?

Hi Auntee Leenie,

I read somewhere (don't remember if it was here or elsewhere) that in most people it's the right side which gets affected. I agree it's interesting that it isn't 50:50, then again why are most people right-handed? In me it's the left side which is affected - but I have ATN, not the classic type - and left side in general is my worse side (I happen to be left handed and always get spasms in my trapezius on that side...sooo annoying!)

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Wow that is very interesting. I am left handed and have tn and atn on left side! I wonder what the statistics are on that and if there is a correlation?

Now that is cool. I wonder how much of it has to do with handedness? I primarily use my right handed but I can use my left just as well. Their are only a few things I can only do on one side such as drive with my left, drink coffee with my right. It makes you wonder…

I'm right-handed and have TN on the left side, but I also had dental work on the left side soon before the pain started. kg