Washington State Doctors

Does anyone have experience with doctors at the U of W / Harborview ? good or not so good?

Ice pick, on the forum we stick to positive reviews only, but if you have a positive review, feel free to add it here.

I can not get the Doctors tab to open to see if there are any good listed by others. And I have been referred to a doctor At U of W and am nervous about going. I was hoping someone had been there and could give me a heads up on if I am in good hands or to seek another place. I do not want to have more tests, waste insurance $$, and then meet a doctor that is of no help, or worse cause more harm. There may be others that have had great care there, I just don't know. I can not get the Doctors tab to open to see who anyone has listed there. I do have an ENT here in Spokane, Dr. Michael Olds, who knew about GPN and tested/dx quickly (positive review)-- but treatment has been with a neurologist that has tried multiple drugs -- lots of side effects and little pain relief. I have been told by several Doctors in my area that there is no one here with the expertise I need and none have known where to send me. I asked to be seen by Dr. Ellenbogen at U of W at the suggestion of a friend, so my ENT gave me a referral, I was called Dr. Ellenbogen's office and told there is a Dr. Sekhar in the same office that would be better to see. So, has anyone on this forum ever even been seen there??? Just hoping to find some help through the maze to expert care and pain free outcome :)) Something we all want.:)

Dr. Rod Johnson, MD (Neurologist) in Bellevue, Washington is incredible. Neurological Associates.