WARNING ABOUT MSG (Monosodium Glutamate)

DO YOU REACT BADLY TO MSG? It's added to too many foods. It is being hidden in products under different names. I just got back from the Asian food store and the owner knows me and likes me and knows my health problems so she showed me various packages with different names for MSG. So here are the few I found about today, there may be more. Look on your food labels for "Hydrolized Vegetable Protein", (HVP), E621, E627, E631, hydrolized corn protein. I know my pain is almost instant when I eat it, as well as other health problems acting up.

Update: I went to buy some sunflower seeds, and one brand had MSG on them! What purpose does that serve? All there has ever been in Spitz brand is sunflower seeds, salt and olive oil. Still that's all they have, so I will not be buying the other brand. Then I looked at this other brand's potato chips. (The brand is Canadian, called Old Dutch.) They are such wonderful chips. They were the best in the world until Lays came along. Now I see that all of Old Dutch chips say monosodium glutamate, or they hide it under "hydrolized corn protein" or "vegetable protein". I'll be writing the company, because the majority of the population has been found to react to MSG, and it's just not necessary on potato chips! Lays uses oil, salt, potatoes, then various flavors for the flavored kind. No need for MSG. I wonder if the gov't made them add it, so people will get sick eating them, so they will stop eating chips, and it then they'll be eating healthier.

I am wide awake with pain tonight that my Gaba is not quit able to control…for the first time in forever my husband and I ordered Chinese food tonight…..I blame MSG…and I sure as heck won't be doing that again!!