Update W/ Balloon compressions Dr. Valerio (Miami Fl)

My mom had her second balloon compression on International TGN day. It brought my mom, Dr. Valerio and me great success! The recovery on BC is very slow. Like a turtle. Her spirits were very high after the second go around. Her above pain in eye was on a level 3. She has the typical burning to the face and the top of her head was sore but she is at a level 1-2 now. We are going to see Dr Wolf again Thursday about gamma knife. The first time we went to see him he wanted to wait to see how she healed from the BC. She has minor, minor discomfort now but still taking medication. Dr. Valerios goal is to release her from Meds.
We are super happy that we have such an experienced, passionate doctor in our lives. http://josevaleriomd.com
I will update after we see wolf Thursday.
Best of luck to everyone out there living with TGN.