Update from Hospital

Hi gang,

Sorry, I couldn’t add a reply directly to my previous post as my blackberry is a bit that way inclined!

I am still here. I had a CT with contrast done on my neck this arvo.

Lyrica has been aborted and they have started me on Epilim early this arvo.

Had a fantastic day, considering I didn’t sleep at all last night. Totally sky high on panadine forte. Hmmmm. Codien! At one stage, the curtains were moving and morphing in to different shapes! I felt oh so sick but oh so happy! Hahah

I’m up on a medical ward with a heap of elderly people. The nurses love me here as I don’t have dementia! I have a confused lady in the room next to me to me who keeps calling
Out for the nurse. She doesn’t understand the nurse call button. So I have called the nurses about 50 times for her today.

Shall see what tomorrow holds. Get my CT results back in the morning.

Smooches to ya’ll!

Hello there :slight_smile:

Sounds like a trippy night for you! I was up all night again, but didn’t have half the fun you did =D
Hope your day is going good at least and tonight you get some sleep. Crossing fingers that the CT results are good!