Admitted to Hospital

After an unbearable 48 hours of migraine and TN breakthrough pain I’m now in the hospital. Still not at pain control but working on it. I can’t really stand to look at my iPhone screen but I’m waiting for the nurse to bring stronger anti nausea meds so I thought I’d leave a little update. Could use all the prayers and positive thoughts y’all have. This is the worst I’ve been in quite some time.

Ohhhh - I'm so sorry --- what part of the world do you live in anyway? I hope they can bandaid your misery at least for tonight!!!

Let us know what happened overnight !!! Don't you wish for the presence of a lovely doggy now? You will be home soon.

Oh Hcal, ao sorry for you hope they find out and help you out to get better. In my thoughts and prayers!

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Good morning HCal , how are you today? I hope pain is better. Keep us posted hoping forma better day for you.
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Hoping relief comes with the sun this morning. Praying for a pain free day. Migraines and TN are nasty partners!

Doing a little better today. Not moaning and screaming in pain constantly. It’s a quieter pain. Of course in the hospital you get woken up constantly for something. My last dose of dilaudid is wearing off and my pain is really increasing. I called nurses station for pain pill and was told "it’s shift change. I’ll let the new nurse know " that was 35 min ago! I swear even here you have to bug people to take care of you.

It took an HOUR to get that pain pill!! Sheesh! In the meantime my pain was allowed to intensify again and start feeding on each other. Back to nuancing and groaning.

((((( hugs ))))), I hope you can get some rest and respite from the pain.
Praying for you, Mimi

All the best. I hope you feel better soon. Thinking of you.


I know its hard but in between times try some breathing exercises so you do not get upset waiting. Thats the last thing you need. I am glad to hear the dilaudid is helping sweetie. You have been thru alot. If the nurses do not answer buzz again it gets crazy at. Shift change, I know am retired nurse. Maybe if you explain to them your in pain crisis or your doctor recommends pain medication so many hours apart not as needed may work out better. Just little suggestion. Hang in there!
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Oh gosh Heather, my dear, I was wondering “where you were”. Late getting to my computer this morning. So I hope by now you are in a better pain situation now and in the next few hours to come. Still about 12 days to your next procedure, they need to keep your pain down as much as possible. I really am praying for you. Sending you sweet ocean air, it is sunny and lovely and calm here so sending some your way. Xoxo

Omg my neurologist FINALLY called the hospital back (we’ve all been leaving messages since BEFORE they admitted me) and he said he doesn’t see inpatients at this hospital and for me to follow up with him when I leave! This is my local neuro not the rockstar team I now have down in Houston. He is affiliated with this hospital even though his office is in the hospital next door. That’s right, he’s one block away and won’t come see me. My mom is close with the CEO of the hospital I’m in, and I’ve been in both hospitals and prefer this one. Maybe if anyone could have gotten ahold of him before I was admitted he could have had a say in it! He is so fired. I’m looking for a new local neuro ASAP. The on call neuro who saw me this morning was really nice but said he’s really never seen a TN patient before. I’m just outraged that any doc would refuse to go see his patient ima hospital he has price ledges at! Not for long! You can bet your ass the CEO of this hospital will know about this by days end.

Your situation is just nuts. Good thing you’ve got your mother there to help. And your Dad.
The last thing you need right now is rage, it will only inflame your pain. Deep breaths, or whatever works. Let your mother be your advocate.

I rode in an ambulance for the first timd because I was admitted from an off site ER. Holy bumpy ride batman!!! And there was no ac in the back spot where I was. Boo!!!

Hi Heather, glad to hear your a smidgen better. Alot of doctors dont go in patient, have the same thing here. I always go where my neurosurgeon has privlideges. I know its a block away does not matter to them. Its good your Mom has connections at the hospital your admitted to, that helps. If you really like your neurologist and are happy with him you may have to go where he is. I have to travel 45min from home for my doctors they definetly do not come where I am. Good luck sweetie keep us posted do not get upset not good for you you here!

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((((((((((((HUGS))))))))))))) Feel better soon!

Heather, I’m really praying that your silence means you are being well cared for and have been given something big to stop this current pain cycle. You’ve been on my mind all afternoon. I pray you have no more “holy bumpy hot” ambulance rides.

I just finished up a dhe iv protocol for the migraine. I was so out it during that processed. I cried in pain for an hour before the in call neuro came to see me. I have a bag of steroids hanging now. They are hurting! My goodness! Hopefully they will be done soon so I can eat the sandwich since I got no dinner. They dropped off while I was out of it and picked up while I was out of if. I didn’t even smell it!!

Oh my god, what a day, what a 48 hours. I hope that sandwich tastes really good:-)

Hope things settle down super fast and that you feel tons better very soon!