Topical Medicine

I had MVD for IX, X, and V nerves almost 5 years ago, but my symptoms have returned.

I have been rubbing a Peppermint Stick on my forehead, temple continuing down along my jaw both above and below, down my neck and along my cheekbone when I have an episode. I tried it once out of desperation and was surprised to find that it helped, not much, but compared to nothing I’ll take it! I don’t tolerate oral meds so I’m happy for anything that will help.

My purpose in posting is threefold.

  1. Has anyone else tried this and what were the results for you?
  2. Has anyone tried something along the line of a Capsaicin rub or Tiger Balm and what were the results?
  3. In case it might help one of you.

The product I use is called ‘Natural Headache Relief Peppermint Stick with menthol crystals.’ It contains Beeswax, Sunflower Oil, Peppermint Oil, Rosemary Oil, Menthol Crystal, and Vitamin E.

Hi hmschmom, sorry to hear your symptoms are back. The peppermint is natural option, and this sounds very similar to some conversations on the TN site around capsicum and lygnocaine topical creams that some folk have found useful.

I use many topicals for pain.

No one can explain why they help however …it has puzzled a Duke pain specialist and my dentist ..I use Emla for ear pain. A compounded 5% Lidocaine cream on my face and Anbesol on the tooth that hurts when I have a flare . Plus Acular ( which is an NSAID eye drop) for eye pain .The pain docs had given me a compounded lotion with Gabapentin etc which did not help . In desperation I put a Lidoderm patch on my face and from there we came up with the idea of compounding just Lidocaine cream to apply topically to the areas that hurt on my face .( The tooth that hurts " should " have no feeling after a successful root canal followed by a Dental CT to make sure there were no missed roots..its neuopathic pain responding to the topical med ).

I’ve used a compounded concoction of…can’t remember WHAT but it was anti seizure med, lidocaine, and something else…and I didn’t have any relief. I’m at the point where I’ll try pretty much anything. I’ve also used lidocaine gel gargle which helps for about 10 minutes. Hot water bottle always soothes. I have an appointment with ENT in November to beg for Emla cream to swab in my ear. I’m curious to see if this helps. I’m so sorry your pain has returned. CRAP I hate this beast!!

Peppermint is an essential oil and essential oils can actually pass the blood/brain barrier but their effects only last a short time. So my guess is that the peppermint somehow has an effect on the calcium ions right at the site of neurons.

I have been immersed in learning about ion channels since seeing Dr. Honey at UBC in July. He is wondering if I have a “channelopathy”. This is a new field of medicine. I am now waiting to see someone else at UBC who knows more about channelopathies than Dr. Honey does.

I had an MVD a year ago on both V and VII but it has done not much of anything. I was being considered for cutting the IX and upper strands of X but it has been decided that it won’t do any good and we all know the risks of things getting worse so I am relieved to tell the truth.

At night when the pain in my tonsil area and soft palate and throat is almost unbearable I simply hold a fairly large amount of a high quality lukewarm camomile tea in my mouth until it cools and I either swallow or spit it out and go for the next mouthful. It ain’t pretty but it is somewhat effective in taking the pain down a notch or two.

It’s been just about five years ago since I had my first attack of piercing pain in my left ear that woke me up at night. I am exhausted, broke, and some days dispirited.

I am also going to talk to my neurologist about topical creams. She has so far dissuaded me because they build up in your system. In the meantime I might just try that peppermint stick. Thanks. So sorry your pain is back. So sorry for all of us.

Bellaire may I ask why u r not a candidate for rhizotomy? I thought this could always b done. I found this thread looking for topical meds. I just posted about capsaicin creme that helps me. It is reported to have different mechanisms but the most recent info says it alters heat dependent channels causing blockade of some receptors involved in pain. I used to put it all over my neck jaw etc but have found putting it at the area around my earlobe in fontt in back and under is very helpful. The more I use it the better it works