Tomorrow big day

does tn make anyone really tired I mean i have been exhausted with this hell for quite some time I go for the mvd tomorrow I know the horror that'a all I've read but I got to try. I'm deaf on the other ear and I hear that hearing loss is possible Yes I'm risking to be deaf to get rid of this ungodly hell I'd rather be dead, the pain has become so unbearable, none of the meds work anymore keep your fingers crossed for me and i will let everyone know how it went


I just wanted to say since I was diagnosed with atypical odontalgia and prescribed Amitriptyline I have lost all my energy..I hate it! I have a very hard time getting up in the morning and don't feel like doing anything that I use to do..I use to love being outside and gardening. But I get tired easily...I'm sorry to hear you have so much pain...I wish you the VERY BEST with your MVD surgery....

((( sluggo ))),
All the very best of wishes for your surgery tomorrow!
Take good care of you while you recover, and please let us know how you’re doing when you’re able too. Positive thoughts coming your way, here’s to a new beginning pain free!!!
Mimi xx

good luck! keep a positive mindset going, you are going to be fine, great even!

I hope your surgery went well. Now you need to rest for a few weeks so that surgery is successful!

Best of luck with your surgery. Please take good care of yourself as you recover.

Best of luck with your surgery! Sending good thoughts your way.