TN limb pain

does anyone else suffer from TN pain in any limbs? i have pain in my face and also my right arm and leg which can get so bad it actually effects movement in my arm and leg which is slightly worrying me

You might want to get your B12 level checked by your physician. It could be a deficiency and can cause what you are experiencing. Or simply take B12 in a sublingual form EVERYDAY. If it is B12 and not taken care of it can cause permanent damage. I know this from experience and have a mild lasting neuropathy in my feet.

The other thing that might be causing it is your meds. If you are on a anticonvulsant then all the neurologic signals in your brain have slowed down.

I am also having pain in the TN side of my body and know it's not B12 but not so sure about the Trileptal I am taking. I would be interested in other's experiences. Mine feels neurological (similar to symptoms of low b12) but I get mega shots from my doc each month.

I suffer ATN in the right side of my face. I have developed shooting/stabbing/burning pain in my right arm, to the point I can't use it. The doctor told me it was CRPS II caused by the TN. She stated the pain signals could occur in any part of my body, but it usually happens in the extremities. So to answer your question. Yes you can develop pain elsewhere. I have also read that some anti convulsive drugs can cause pain elsewhere in your body. I myself have not experienced that type of pain.

so it would appear you were right tkal, i have vit b12 deficiency as well as my TN - great stuff. at least i know what it is now and am receiving the right injections to help control this. thanks for your advice :slight_smile:

I'm glad you found out about the b12. People would end up in wheelchairs and even die before vitamins were available. it's also common as we age. The injections make me feel good and give me energy, at least for the day that I get it. If the movement in your arm and leg don't stop within a month I'd start looking for other causes. Don't despair about the b12. It's an easy fix.