New to TN

I just started with facial pain in June, I received 4 weeks of B-12 shots from my family doctor. Thought it was going away, after the 4 weeks, the pain came right back. The doctor prescribed Lyrica 50mg twice a day. My family doctor told me he thought I might have trigemenial neuralgia. I am in pain all throughout the day, at varying degrees. Even though I am in pain, it is just aggravating and a nuisance. I do notice at a certain time of day it gets a little worse and I wonder if it's when the medication is wearing off. I do not know what has cause the facial pain, but was wondering if having diabetes, could be the cause of the facial pain. My right side is the side affected, but I'm starting to feel some pain on the left side. Should I go see a neurologist? I'm confused as what to do about it?

U should, I think. Like you, B12 only helps to strengthen yr nerves. I too was confused when the attack came years ago. Best of luck.

R C Murthy

U should, I think. B12 helps to strengthen yr nerv es. Like you, I too was confused when the attack came for the first time years ago. Best of luck.

R C Murthy

I would certainly push to have a neuro evaluation and mri/mra to confirm TN or rule it out, and just to rule out any other causative agent such as tumor etc. If the mri/mra does confirm compression on the TN I would consult a neuro-surgeon who has experience with micro-vascular decompression surgery. After trying a lot of different things over a 6 year period I finally had it done 2 months ago and have had no recurrence of symptoms. Choose your surgeon with care and with lots of research! Good luck and let me know how it goes!

Jay In North Idaho

You should definitely seek further medical advice, I started with TN on my left side approx 2 years ago and a few weeks later it started on my right side, I was then diagnosed with having bilateral TN. I had MVD on right side last Oct and am now waiting for a date to have MVD on my left side. Please don't just try putting up with the pain as for a lot of people with TN getting the right level of meds can really help in relieving a lot of the pain but it can be trial and error with them before finding a medication that suits you!

Good luck with it