TN Artwork

Hi everyone,

I first shared these in one of the TN groups in Facebook. I received so much positive feedback that I wanted to share them over here. I am amazed at the connection I am able to create with other TN sufferers through my artwork. I feel honoured and blessed to be able to touch people so deeply. I hope that my sharing them here creates the same bond with everyone. The first one is more like a sufferer fighting an attack. The second one is like a sufferer perhaps giving in and accepting. Everything is open to interpretation. All I know is that I am trying to draw what I feel, emotionally and physically, when I'm at my worst point.

Thank you for posting these! I do not use Facebook at all, nor do I intend on doing so.

I would like to say that you have captured the feeling of TN very well in this artwork.

I hope you have some pain free moments.


These are amazing! Your artwork expresses the pain so well. I'm not on Facebook so many thanks for sharing them here.

Thank you so much for sharing your work. Explaining pain to other people is so difficult but these pieces certainly capture the magnitude of the pain that many of us experience.

Big hugs


These are fantastic! Really looking forward to seeing more. Sometimes it’s easier for people to understand what your going through if they can visualize it.

Thank you for your artwork. It perfectly illustrates what I feel every minute of every day as a result of living with TN.