Things I wish for

I was standing in the living room tonight, with the left side of my face cradled in my hand, the way it does most of the day, and I found myself thinking of things I wish for. These are some of the things I wish for myself and for all of us battling with the monster called, "TN".

I wish.......I would wake up in the morning and look forward to the new day, instead of fearing how bad the pain is going to be.

I wish.......I could spend a wonderful day with my kids and not worry that I will be unable to conceal how severe the pain really is.

I wish......I didn't take a pharmacy full of meds to control the pain

I wish......I could spend time with my husband and go on outings that don't involve a doctor appointment

I wish......I felt up to taking long walks with my dogs

I wish......I felt up to re-organizing the hall closet

I wish......I will wake up soon and find this has all been just a nightmare

I wish for the pain to end.