THC with meds

Anyone know if it is safe to take THC edibles with Trileptal?



This would be a good question for your doctor. It also may depend on why the person is taking Trileptal, whether for nerve pain or for seizures. For seizures, the edibles may lower the seizure threshold. For nerve pain it may not be as critical. Regardless, talk to your doctor.

Sharon from ModSupport

Thanks very much. It’s for TN.

I have taken them. I’ve had no problems.

I use it regularly, a small dose of 5 mg or less with CBD. You can buy edibles that can be cut up to dose size as you need. For TN you’re going to want to keep the dose on the smaller side to calm seizures. Remember it takes about an hour to hour and a half to kick in so don’t be tempted to take more if you keep feeling pains or you’ll be high and your head will hurt because too much fires it up.