Need some ideas...TN exceeded normal trileptal dose


I was wondering if anyone has ideas on how to reduce TN pain when it exceeds your current dose of anti-seizure meds. For the past week, my TN pain has been so bad that it's almost identical to when it was not treated by my medicine.

Has anyone's TN exceed their dosage? What did you do as a result? I'm guessing the meds were increased but I'd like to hear about your experiences!

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Clarification please: what is your present dose on Trileptal? And have you contacted your doctor's office to inform them you are having breakthrough pain?

Regards, Red

Hi Red! Current dose is 900 mg per day.
I contacted them twice today, but no response.
So I figured I’d see if any1 has lived thru this here!

I really don't want to place myself in the position of advising you to change dose levels established by a doctor's prescription. You might, however, read through the material on this medication at Please be aware that this isn't a drug where you should change doses without a medical consultation. It has powerful effects on the central nervous system.

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There are no one-size-fits-all solutions in medication. The match-up between medication dose rates and levels of pain is something of an art. If you're getting breakthrough pain, Emma, you might very well be able to beat it back with a somewhat elevated dose of Trileptal, or by addition of a second agent such as Neurontin, Baclofen or one of the tranquilizing drugs. But it's unwise to try out these options without a doctor's advice. Please consult yours.

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I appreciate all of your suggestions here. And I will always make sure to have my doctor’s approval before making any changes. For some reason, I’m still waiting for them to respond. I might need to find a new doc actually. It just seems like trileptal has no effect right now…which is really odd. It worked for the last year. So, I’m guessing either my pain went up substantially or it’s no longer working.

The doc called me back just now and he wants me to add Neurontin and keep trileptal the same initially. I’ll let you folks know how it goes!

ok good luck emma ... hope it works for you ... If you are getting break thru pain, it could be that you have developed a tolerance to the drug trileptal.

the maximum neurontin you can take in one day is about 3600mg... but even this amount is illegal to prescribe in some countries my GP told me. I took 3000mg/day for a while but Im currently taking about 1800mg of neurontin a day... every 3 hrs i take 300mg along with other medications. Neurontin is the brand name of gabapentin. If you want to save money get the generic gabapentin as ive found it works the same for 2/3 the price ;)