Cannabis Update

I'm about 3 weeks into my use of medical marijuana for my trigeminal neuropathy. It's been a learning experience.

It does work -- if I use the right type, at the right time, and via the right method of ingestion or application. I've had periods of 2-3 days with no pain at all. Episodes of pain that last 12-48 hours. This is huge improvement.

I haven't by any means figured out all the nuances of using this medication, but I have got some basic things a bit clearer than when I started.

Whole plant products work much better than edibles. The constituents of marijuana work best together, rather than in isolation.

Edibles such as cooked and candies are often made with straight up THC, and not much else, so basically they get you high, which is not especially helpful to have heightened senses and possibly anxiety when in pain! The dosing in edibles may be unreliable (not as advertised).

My best results have been using Indica dominant strains (more body effects/ less mind effects) with a ratio of at least 1:1 CBD to THC. I've been using an oil capsule, but the product was different each time I bought it, so I just made my own coconut oil extraction, which I hope to start using tomorrow, as an oral low dose medication and a topical medication.

I have also found that a good strain of plant bud when vaped can be very effective at dulling nerve pain and softening muscle spasms. Indica dominant strain with high CBD to THC ratios.

Today was a sort of example of what this can do for me.

My husband and I determined to go to the beach this year. Last year I couldn't do it, too sick, too mu ch pain. So we went and got our annual beach pass today and took a walk. Windy and 70's. Wind triggers bad pain, so I was swaddled up and covered nearly completely. I loved walking on the beach. Regardless I got triggered. Bad pain in my face, arm and ribs, muscles spasms in my upper back.

Step 1: I took an Imitrex and waited an hour while we drove home. I also rubbed cannabis butter on my face and arm (messy but effective), and put a few drops of oil under my tongue. These three things dialed down the pain from an 7/8 to a 4/5. Got home, vaporized 1 hit every 30 minutes for 4 rounds -- pain completely gone, and I was able to cook and socialize with a friend. Only thing lingering is muscle spasms. But the nerve pain is gone. Beginning to end less than 6 hours.

Usually if I had that level of pain triggered, I'd be looking at a good 24-48 hours of coping or not coping until it slowly starts to unwind.

I am of course, taking other pharmaceuticals for this.

I'm glad you have gotten some relief, Karen. I'm even more glad you got some beachtime. :)