Has anyone tried medicinal marihuana?

Someone suggested to me that I ask the members here if anyone has had successful results in using marihuana to mitigate the pain from GPN?

Hi Chetty, No personal experience with the use of Cannibis, but over the years saw a number of folk who have long term negative effects from sometimes, only one use of the drug. I did a search on google and this article seems to give a relatively good discussion around both the for and against for use in neuropathic pain control. There's also some slide attachments you can read. Also, Melbourne University was given a large grant earlier this year to extensive studies on the use of it for medical use. You may find some information on their site. The article attached


should provide you with some discussion points you can have with a pain management specialist on its potential use. Hope this helps and all the best wishes for you in the new year. :)

I've been using Medical Marijuana (MM) to control my nerve pain for about 6 years now. Although there have been downsides, such as phlegm in the lungs & having to spend the money for more each time I run out, I have to say it's made it much easier to manage the pain & live with a positive attitude. My doctors would like me to stop using MM because, [sarcasm] "Drugs are bad, m'kay" [/sarcasm]. Be aware that your medical team will more than likely be opposed to you using MM. If you decide to go for it, look into getting a Vaporizer or Water Pipe (aka Bong) of some sort. A Vaporizer will heat your marijuana at a low temperature, causing it to smoke but not burn, & captures that in a plastic bag for you to inhale from. A Water Pipe, on the other hand, actually burns the marijuana like any other pipe, but the difference is the smoke goes into a chamber filled with water to cool it off & remove some of the bad stuff before you inhale it. If you don't want to inhale it, there are a lot of alternatives out there nowadays, such as edibles and patches. Whatever works best for you. I myself prefer to smoke it because quality Vaporizers are expensive & also because [sarcasm] it makes me look cool. [/sarcasm]

Please remember the legalities of the use of MM in some states/countries. Also the danger to health of smoking. Please speak to medical professional before making any decision.

Thank you very much for the replies! It certainly provides food for thought.

I have and it helps. I have never liked pot, but it helps me get from one medication to the next when I am having break through pain. I have told my doctors and they don’t care that I am taking it. I think all they care about is that it is helping.