Suicide man free from pain after 20 Years

Hi all. Dunno if any of you have had this done,but it involves large 'cotton buds' up your nose . I have posted the article from a UK paper. Could be worth asking your doctor about it.

BBC News - 'Suicide disease' man is pain-free after 20 years of suffering

Not a paper,but online BBC news

Thank you! Just read the article and will definitely bring it up whe I see my neurosurgeon.

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Me personally would talk to my doctor about it,i 'apparently' have ATN ,but when i see the neurologist i will ask him about it (if i remember). What have you got to lose,except for the pain.


Hmmm, this sounds too good to be true ...

wouldn't this be great !!! ... i have follow up in three weeks and i am going to print this out to show the NP @ the neurologist office ... they usually have something negative to say about things i tell them that i learn from this group

I am told I’m crazy with every suggestion. Mine is a constant pulling in my front top gums. From root canals gone bad. What is put on the cotton balls?

You can Google dr Thomas Haag and get more information…