Some help needed?

Hi all, I have heard many girls talk about a very good book regarded as a “bible” for people with TN
can’t remember the name???
Can someone let me know? I had a voucher for Christmas and am hoping to buy a copy…
Many thanks, hope everyone had a good Christmas Day?
Love to you all for the New Year and beyond
Hugs Anne x

It is…
Striking Back

By dr. Ken casey

He gave me my life back!

Many thanks, I’ll look it up now, my voucher is Amazon, so they should have it?
hope you had a good Christmas, my hubby bought me a Persian carpet, now I’m going frantic if he or the cat walks on it… Waiting for the first “accident”
It’s not worth the stress?

we bought the book of Amazon. best gift my hubby ever gave me.

Put bubble wrap on the carpet…cat wont want to walk on it! Lololol