So Far, So Good

I feel bad writing a positive post when so many others are suffering from either the pain, its consequences, or both. I'm a newbie here so I haven't had the trials and tribulations many of you have in dealing with this.

Since my first attack and subsequent diagnosis in early November, I've had two periods of breakthrough pain that neither the gabapentin nor lidocaine solution has helped with. The first I believe was caused by extremely high barometric pressure and the second by injuring my chin on the side of the TN. Other than that, the pain has been controlled.

Classes ended December 13th and on the 15th my dad and I went on a cruise. This is our 6th one but I was worried about the change in temperature affecting the TN. I am so thankful that it didn't and I had the most relaxing vacation ever. I am not one to relax, I normally see it as a waste of time. I slept so much and didn't beat myself up (too much) for not getting everything done I had planned.

Given that the TN started in early November, prime time for papers being due and final exams coming up, being put on gabapentin was bad timing. I still am a yammering idiot at times as the words just can't make their way to me, but I somehow managed to pull out all A's this semester in all 5 of my classes, 18 credits worth. I was POSITIVE I was going to have 3 A's and 2 B's and was shocked when that wasn't the case.

I know that TN can come back at any time, for any reason or none at all. But right now, everything is good and I like it.

Thanks for sharing ! Never feel bad about sharing your good days! It’s a great reminder to all of us that good days do happen and gives hope!
Hope your good days last and last…congrats on the good grades too!!
Glad you were able to enjoy a relaxing vacay!
(( hugs )) Mimi