Good Times

So I have had more good days than bad. I have also upped my meds some, therefore I am a bit more loopy than usual. I am so thankful for the encouragement everyone here gives. My pain right now is about a 4-5 so it's manageable but there, almost continuous for the last hour. I skipped the fireworks last night as I was afraid of the noise and the wind was pretty hard. I did get a really good nights sleep though which was very much needed. Good night all! blessings~~

All we can hope for is more good days than bad

Fireworks are over-rated anyway LOL

:-) lol!

I’m glad to hear that and am also glad to report that I too have finally gotten my pain under control. I am currently on 1800mg of Gabapentin and 600 mg of Epitol. This is my first 24 hours of eing pain free since March of this year. Just every now and then I feel a little twinge, but a pain 2 level twinge. Praise the Lord!!

So I feel like I talked too soon :-( Yesterday I was able to handle it a bit, yet today it has been almost non-stop. I am trying to hang on, but it's very discouraged...