Sling instead of Teflon pads?

I’m new to TN and have been searching and reading as much as I can to be informed and I ran across a different approach or type of MVD surgery.

The surgeon created a sling out of goretex and pulled the vessel out of the way, attaching it away from the site instead of using the Teflon pads. Has anyone heard of that?

Hi Footprints,
I have heard about it through research over the years, but it’s not mentioned often. I had the following link in my files…hope it helps.

(( hugs )) Mimi

Thank you Mimi
It states “No patient suffered recurrence in the follow-up period.” (Although I didn’t see how much that time period was.)

I wonder why this isn’t performed more often. Must be some reason.

I have teflon… Four years no pain here

so thankful for you KcDancerKc!