Sinus issues

I sent a message to all in this group but I also wanted to put it in the discussion board. I have type 1 and 2 TN. I have had the MVD and the gamma knife. MVD worked for 8 months then the pain came back worse. Then I had the gamma knife it lasted 2 and 1/2 years. I am back having major pain.....the seizure meds don't work on me my body is so clean from 30 years of being drug free that it rejects the drugs. I do alot of oils and natural ways of pain management. For sinus issues I use the Nettie pot mine is glass and I purchased it at Walmart. I put warm distilled water with real salt and pour it through each nostril and sinus cavity. Then I take a Epsom salt bath as hot as I can stand it and I put my face in it. Eucalyptus and steamer (humidifier). Hope this helps my fellower sufferers.

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Well said, Peaceful Realtor. Today is a gift! I'm glad I stumbled upon this Sinus+TN group. Ive been an Tn sufferer for the last 1 year and a sinusitis sufferer for the last 31 years! Ive always wondered if there were others who thought there was a connection betn the two though my Ayurvedic physicians strongly believed that my two maladies were inter-related and treated it as `one' disease!

Must try the Neti Pot...embarrassed that I've had it in my cupboard for 2 years now and Ive not yet tried it out and I call myself a chronic sinus sufferer :( I think Pranayama - deep breathing yogic exercises would also help keep the air flowing easily through the sinuses. Steaming has always worked for me, though my Homeopath suggested that I dont add any aromatics to it. Also, high humidity/ temperatures have kept sinus flare ups away. Conversely, low humidity and low temperatures are problematic. So no winter travel for me. There is a herb called Bala ( Sida Cordifolia) which worked very well for me during my ayurvedic treatment for sinusitis+TN. As I write this I am tempted to revisit that treatment. Going through the various posts on this group I'm confident that `Nasyam' treatment with Ksheerabala and steaming of milk reduced with the bala herb will help me out of the TN flare ups that have resulted from Sinus inflammation! The good thing is that these do not have the awful fallouts of anticonvulsives. But supervision of a good ayurvedic physician is a must for newbies :) Thanks for listening ...