Sinus Problems & Sinus Surgery

Hi every body I have had ATN for 8 years now just woke up one morning and there it was ! Ive had MVD , Glycerol & Gamma knife surgery the gamma being the only one that helped :-) . I continue to take Gabapentin and my pain is no where near as bad as it was more irritating than any thing. Now however I have a sinus problem it got so bad that antibiotics never worked so last Feb I had a sinus op. Since then I have had sinus infections that dont respond to treatment I was very bad at Christmas & New Year and steroid tablets & nasal drops were prescribed. Eventually after 6 weeks I started to feel alot better. I still used my nasal wash daily but even though I wasnt completely better I was ok.My TN plays up more when I have a sinus infection gets really irritating. Then the Thursday right before Easter I got that same feeling again I go freezing cold & feel dizzy with a headache. I went to Doctors was put on antibiotics and the steroids again ! Now two weeks later Im off work because in my left side of nose I have broke out in cold sores which spread out of my nostril my face is also swollen that side. I look like Ive been beaten up ! I had an appointment with ENT yesterday because I have also developed a lump on the left side of neck. He said I will most probably have to have another sinus op this time on the right side which is same as my TN. I go next week for a CT scan of sinus & a Ultra Sound & biopsy on the lump . Before I got TN I had never been in hospital and was quite healthy now Im always at doctors or hospital. Sorry if I have ranted on but I needed to vent x