Related symptom?

I have recently been diagnosed with TN on my right side of my face. Recently I have been experiencing a burning sensation on my hand and tightness in my arm and wrist. It feels similar to some of the symptoms I have in my face. Has anyone else experienced this?

Hi Mallory,

I have pain down my left side--from the top of my head down my neck, into my shoulder, arm and hand. TN is just on your face where the trigeminal nerve is. Some people are looking into causes from the neck which would be called cervicogenic TN. I know at least some of pain is connected to my neck as I have had some relief from physio. I also do have a disc bulge at c5 c6 which can certainly be the cause of neck, shoulder, arm and hand pain in certain locations. I don't have a lot of answers for myself so I am in no place to give advice for a diagnosis.

Have you had an MRI? You need one for TN anyways but I would request a head, neck and back MRI to look for any structural causes of pain.

Some people also find some relief from chiropractors and osteopaths. I would consult with your GP or Neuro about everything though.