Neck pain

I have TN1 and TN2 on my left side. I also have pain on my right side. Around the eyes, down the jaw line, and in my teeth. Just not as sever. Does anyone else have that? I also have extreme tightness in the back of my head going down into my neck and left shoulder. I haven’t found anything about that Anything I read about TN. The neck and shoulder are a. Different pain then in my head. I get massage for the should and neck. That helps a lot. She can not touch my face or side of my head. That will cause sever pain. Does anyone else ha e these problems? Or is that something completely different.

Hi Engleberry,

Have you read the document called Cervicogenic Model under the TN Basics tab at the top of the page? I have come across many other members with head, neck, shoulder and arm pain...including myself.

I have actually been helped by physio and acupuncture over the past year. I have to keep going though to get relief and I don't have any answers from DRs at all. Every test that I have is normal. My GP thinks that I have Fibromyalgia. While I do find many of the symptoms and descriptions of FM to be confusing I will admit that I do have many of the symptoms.

We have a member on here named aiculsamoth that would be perfect to talk to about this. I'm sure that he will chime in or send him a message.