Recovery time post MVD

Hi all ...

I was supposed to have an MVD last year which ended up with a refusal by a surgeon on the scheduled day who did a failed balloon compression instead (causing possible permanent numbness) and I am only 37 :(

Now I have found a surgeon who will listen to me and he has scheduled me for an MVD on April 7. His eyes nearly fell out of his head when I said I'd had TN for 3 years with no luck on a range of meds and no MVD.

Was just wondering how people found the recovery from it and what sort of time frame it took them (yes, I know everyone is different but it's interesting for me to ask). My surgeon has said my husband should take 3 weeks off work as he advises his patients not to be alone for 3 weeks and he likes to keep his patients in hospital for 5-7 days post op. (He seems very thorough!). He said at least a month off work. I don't have a very physical job (and would get others to do anything physical), just lots of walking as I'm a nurse.

Here in the states with utmost surgeon…usually only 2 nights at hospital.

Hubby did not take three weeks off, but i did. I slept most of first two weeks.

I didnt do anything hardly till after week two…just dont use your head to lower it

to play with dogs, or housework! Keep head upright first three weeks if you can.

Luckily my MVD has been in remission partly year one, and absolutely
years one through three so far.

Keep us posted!