Post Dmv surgery

I want to thank all who commented on my posts. Well I am exactly one month out from surgery. THAT was an eye opener! I had sever loss of equilibrium and ringing the ears and double triple vision. My left side was extremely numb. I am walking better, my vision is better except when I wear my readers. Fragrances disturb my equilibrium. Sometimes I get excruciating head pain but that is subsiding. But no facial pain. Sometimes I feel the nerve moving but it doesn’t hurt. My recovery is taking longer but I am blessed. Not sure I would do it again, but then life sucked with the daily constant pain. My family and friends have been great. My other half has been super woman! Prayerfully I will e able to return to work and drive soon. Thank you all for sharing your pain and stories that helped me make my surgical decision. Short of my mohawk life is looking up!

I’m so happy to read you have no facial pain since your MVD surgery! That’s awesome! Be prepared you might still feel some twinges as your nerve heals…
Sorry to read of all the things you’ve gone through as a result, hope that settles down as you recover!
Take your time in getting back to things, rest and let your body be your guide.
I’m almost 4 months post op and still very low energy, but we all recover differently.
I’m sure your Mohawk looks awesome! ; )
(( hugs )) Mimi