Positive MVD results - ATN and TN GONE!

I wanted to update everyone and maybe give someone having a bad day some hope.

I had TN and ATN on the left side. I had my MVD done 4 1/2 months ago. The pain is gone! I have had ZERO pain within the last month. I had been at about 90% pain free (which was amazing!). I can't believe it but I am now 100% pain free! It's strange not having to take a bunch of pills after 10 years of it. I am still so surprised. I would have been happy with ANY relief. Complete relief is almost unbelievable to me. I also used to have issues with ear pain, especially after hearing something really loud suddenly. I was out last night and someone was speaking into a microphone and something went wrong that caused the speaker to make a very loud, high pitched noise. I immediately went to cover my ear (a reaction after so many years of pain). I was nervous for the following 5 minutes thinking an attack was going to start. After 10 minutes of zero pain I realized I wasn't going to get any pain from the noise. My eyes started to sting as I tried not cry out of joy in a group of people. Yay! My husband and I also got to go away on vacation last week. This was the first time in our almost 10 years of marriage that we have gone away and I felt great the entire time! I didn't have to spend any time indoors due to wind, noise, too much light, not feeling well, etc. I feel like I have my life back. Some people might not understand, but that was such a big deal for us!

So for anyone having a bad day, week, year...don't loose hope. Keep looking for what will help you. For some it's meds or other therapies. For me it ended up being surgery. It was not easy and I had some issues such as a cerebral spinal fluid leak in the hospital and a very badly sprained neck muscle a few weeks ago. But it was worth it.

I wish everyone some relief soon!


Success is cause for celebration ! I'm currently doing 98% better after MVD in 2010 -- thanks for coming back to post....many don't come back to share hope.

AND vacation is good for the soul!

Thanks so much for sharing your great news, Ihold! I am consulting with neurosurgeons now to do my MVD with Type 1 TN. I was just diagnosed in early January but am looking to have the surgery in the first half of this year. I've already tripled my Trileptal dose in 2 1/2 months. I believe MVD surgery is my solution. It made me smile to hear your great news and know that I am on the right path. Thank you!

Ihold, that is such fantastic news!! You must be overjoyed, I am doing a happy dance for you!!!

That is such heartening news, iHold. Thanks for posting. Not only does it give hope, but courage too. I’ve read so many torturous MVD stories, so this is good news. I am dancing too…may you have many more wonderful vacations.

Fantastic news. I am so happy for you!!! I am 6 weeks post MVD and am doing well too, but am still weaning off meds. Am a little nervous for the day I am zero meds, but your story gives hope, hopefully to many people out there. Good for you.

((( ihold ))) YeY!
Wow, so pleased for you!
I wish you continued success, well being, and days enjoyed “living”!
Please keep coming by to update us…
Mimi xx

WOOO HOOO!!!! so fantastic to hear!! I am so happy for you!

Wendy "crashgirl"

I am so happy for you!!!!! I am 8 weeks (Monday) post MVD and also pain free!!!!