Pain after MVD


I had MVD on December 27th,so I'm just about 6 weeks out and the back of my head is very painful about 3 inches from my scar, it has been hurting since the day after surgery I told my surgeon and he did not seem concerned but after all this time I am. I just want to know if anyone else has had this and did it go away?


I do not recall having very painful head 6 weeks after. sore yes. I would go to my regular doc or an urgent care and have them assess you - doctors do NOT KNOW our pain!!!!!

Just please don't suffer any more - see somebody soon - YOU are the consumer!!!!

I’m sorry. I have not an MVD but there many other here who have and are still here or left the site because their MVD was awesome and stopped the pain. So I don’t have answer for you but hopefully someone here will. Besides bugging the crud out of your doctor to listen better to you on this, and can try a search here. Start with MVD scar or MVD scarring. The search box is right above the discussion topics. Sorry this wasn’t too helpful for you. I hope it goes away soon for you.

Is this pain coming from the site where the halo was bracing your head? If so, I have heard these spots can take weeks and weeks to heal and stop hurting. Just a thought…
But u should still get it looked at.


I am 4 weeks post MVH and am having similar pain along with some pretty strong headaches. Sometimes the surgical area burns and other times, I feel sharp, deep pains in the back of my head. I think it's due to the trauma of having your head cut open and also the healing process taking place in the incision. My doctor also did not seemed concerned and said it would pass. He reminded me that this was a very serious, major surgery and that it would take some time for the site to heal. I have found that Ibuprofen really helps. Compared to the TN pain, this is nothing. As soon as I begin to feel the pain, I take 800 mg of Ibuprofen. I was given Tylenol #3 to take at home, but I don't like the way it makes me feel. I'm so happy to be free of my TN meds that I don't want to take anything that makes me groggy anymore.

Hope this helps.