No more trigeminal!

I have not had one bout of trigeminal Neuralgia since I had my acupuncture treatments! As I wrote before, my granddaughter studied under Chinese professors in Ashville, N.C. It has been wonderful not having to worry what would bring those horrible electrifing shots up my face and thru my right eye and out my head. This is something I would advise those suffering with TN to try!


Congrats Redlegs!! That’s fantastic!! (( hugs )) Mimi

How many treatments did you have? I have had about 13 treatments. I think it helps somewhat the pain somewhat, but not completely. I am also taking B complex, curcumin, alpha lopic acid. I had a bad episode a few days ago, that left me shaking with pain. I'm so glad the acupuncture is helping you. I continue to get treatments, hoping it will eventually eliminate my pain. It is exhausting dealing with this every day.

I had two treatments and a couple more while she was helping with some stenosis pain. My Granddaughter has been trained by Chinese Prof. at a school in Ashville, N,C, Her mother, is also trained with the Chinese method.

I do not take anything for the TN. I hope you have relief soon as I know how awful the pain is and you worry that it will never end. Good luck to you Marie.

Thanks for your response. I wish you continued good luck with the acupuncture.

I have not had any acupuncture treatments for TN in months since my original treatments. I should ask my Granddaughter where exactly she puts the needles in my neck and face. She had Bell's Palsey while pregnant, so knew right where to go for my relief. I finally don't worry everytime I brush my teeth, wash my face, or eat something, especially a sweet, that it is going to happen again. If it does return I know Theresa will take it away again for me.