New Medication

So, I've been put on this new version of Neurontin (can't think of the name, but its so new it has to be ordered), and I'm not entirely sure I'm a fan. It's only been 2 days since I started taking it so there is no pain control yet, but the effects I have had with a similar version of Neurontin and Carbamizopine seems to be knocking at my door. Granted, I sleep like a hibernating bear (finally!) but my nervous system is a little iffy. My pupils are beginning to dilate and lights suck (especially at 6am driving on the highway), my jaw somewhat twitches like I'm trying to chew gum and I feel like I'm shivering, though its not physically visible. They are tolerable, but I am getting more concerned because last time I was on a drug like this I ended up losing some joint function and have even fallen. My PVC's (Premature Ventricular Contractions [heart]) have also started to get a little worse. Some dizziness is also available (currently going on). Does any one else have these kinds of issues with drugs of this nature? Any help would be much appreciated.


a.k.a. Fett

I am on tegretol and don't have those problems. I HAVE had my hands not want to cooperate with me at times, but it's mostly just being tired.........REALLY tired and forgetful! I would check with the doctor FOR SURE because that doesn't sound good.