New Group - Low Saturated Fat Diet

So I have been experiencing an tremendous amount of pain and had to add back my secondary medication of Topamax. I suffer from many side effects from this medication. I have decided to take the plunge and try lowering my saturated fat to see if it helps enough to stop the Topamax or just help lower some of the pain. I do have a family and would like to make dinners that we can all eat and supplement theirs with side dishes. I was hoping we could share recipes or ideas. If anyone is interested, please join my new group. Thanks!


im trying this diet too and will deff. join your group keep me updated how it works for you

Hi Debbie, I take Topamax too and definately feel a bit yucky if I eat anything a bit too fatty, sugary etc. I’ve attached a link for you i found a while back, its nothing in-depth but it does have a list of good foods for pain relief i thought you might like it. The best thing about it is the list of fish, i definately eat alot more fish than meat these days. I keep it pinned to the fridge! I also used the NZ Neurological foundations dietry guidelines which I really felt just made me look at what I was eating and have helped me to maintain a healthy lifestyle. Hope your pain levels come down soon, best wishes, Susan.