New diagnosis...Freaking out

I started having episodic , excruciating ear pain in June…At first a very stupid doctor said TMJ…I knew that was bull, so I went to our local university hospital, where I was diagnosed with GPN, or possibly geniculate neuralgia. I was told the fix was syrgery, but the diagnosis just seems so ill defined, and my mri is non definitive. My ear starts to ache about every three weeks. The pain is constant, with incredible, ice pick like spikes,especially when I turn my head or bend down. Wind in my ear is very painful during attacks, and no one can touch my ear canal at all. I also have a weird lump in my throat, like my epiglottis is swollen. Genigulate, GPN? I just know I can’t keep going to the er for dilaudid, and I dont even know what oral pain med would help, or which doctor to see about getting it. Help…very scared about having surgery, but can’t go on like this.

Is there anybody out there?

I could use some input on whether my symptoms sound like Gpn or geniculate…also, advice about surgery. I’m on a bunch if nerve medicines already…makes no difference. I am wondering about success rates/
Side effects if surgery. Articles online seem very dated

Any Luck Kristin?