Geniculate neuralgia

I went to see a neurosurgeon on Thursday and he is really interested in my condition. He doesn't think i have GPN he has determined it is geniculate neuralgia. The symptoms for GN doseem to be what I am experiencing. The doctor was great. He feels strongly that he can help me. He mentioned laser surgery. I am waiting on his office to call back and we will go from there.

I also received an e-mail back fom the Franz Family Chiropractic in Simpsonville about NUCCA. Of course I need to go in and see them. They are interested in treating this condition also. I am going to make an appointment on Monday.

I am sorry to hear. I have a strong feeling that after your adjustment, you will feel better.

Thanks Denise! My neuro thought I might have the same thing too, but I have been spelling it incorrectly (genticulate)....please keep us posted.

Mine has been better lately, requiring no meds at all, but I can still feel that it's there, on a lower pain level.

Good luck!! Kara

I am on my second week of laser treatment and so far no change. The technician that is givign me the laser treatment says that the third week is sometimes the biggest change. Hopefully cured. I am still hopeful. Going every day. I am also going to schedule the NUCCA treatment. Can’t hurt to try every available option.