Another Direction!

I saw the neurosurgeon again this week. He is so interested in my case but keeps sending me to other people. He previously told me that he didn't think I had GPN and he was certain that I had Geniculate Neuralgia. This time he said that since I was bi-lateral, he didn't think it was Geniculate afterall. According to the doctor and what I have read since my visit, GN is never bi-lateral. He then explained that he wants me to have an injection done for the Occipital nerve. After that, he wants me to go to MUSC (Medical University of South Carolina). According to him, he and Dr. Patel from MUSC are the best for for the tratment in SC. So, here I go again. Explaining everything over to another dr. I am very troubled still. First of all, my pain is the same level as it was a year ago. I have had a good week here and there but not lasting and never pain free. Still only relief is from pain medicine. It doesn't always help. I am going to give NUCCA corrections anther month. If no relief by then, I am going to stop going. Secondly, the neurosurgeon asked me if I could live with my right side pain if he cuts the nerve for the left side. What else could I say but "yes". He said that he can't cut both sides for GN. It is so disturbing knowing that I may have to live ith this horrific pain for the rest of my life. May God have mercy on me.

Hi Denise,

Sorry to hear!!

For what it's worth i think the docs are wronge. I read a book of some with both sides of GNP. Her Pain level was 10/10 and managed to improve a lot over time with many different alternative therapies that she is now 100% of the pain meds.

She tells her story in a little book i ordered from Amazon.

I think you will find valuble info and a lot of hope in the book.



Thanks Adan. He didn't say the GPN would not be bi-lateral. Only the Geniculate (GN). Thanks for the link. I will definately check it out and the book. Has any of the alternative methods worked for you?