I am meeting with a new neurosurgeon on Monday. Here is a little of my history. I have Post Traumatic TN. I had GKS March 1. I was pain free for 30 1/2 days. Now the pain is back worse than ever. I am pain-free for the moment but it has been a really bad pain cycle this week. Ear Icepicks and Left teeth pain. I had to change neuros b/c of changing to Kaiser Insurance. :frowning: . This neurosurgeon does not want to look at my previous records and did not order anything like an MRI prior to this consultation. What questions should I ask him. I do not want to forget anything. I really want to find out if there is another surgery they can do. What sort of things like MRI’s or scans should I ask about? I know he is the Dr. but have found through all of this they are not having the pain. I do not want to be brushed off like some my new Dr’s seem to do. (Primary Care Doc and Mental Health) I am on the max dose of Lryica and 200mg of Lamictal. Tried the Trileptal but could not tolerate the side effects. As you know one of the most frustrating parts of all this is you don’t know if the meds are working or if there is just a remission going on.

Any comments or suggestion you have would be appreciated!

I so feel your pain right now. I went about 5 months pain free and mine is now back worse than ever too. I also had to switch neuros but my new one is better. He didn’t want much to do with my previous docs records either but it was because he wanted to hear the story straight from me. *he did look at my MRI though. His dad had TN so he is a little more sympathetic. I know it’s hard, but remember the doctor works for you. You are in charge of your health care. If something is awry or not to your liking, say so. Most of the time they won’t take the initiative. You have to say something, otherwise it’s you who suffers. And I am soooo with you on the remission part. My DH and I were just talking today about that - not knowing if the drugs are working or if it’s a remission. I am normally on 900 mg Gabapentin and 600mg Carbamazepine a day but my doc said I could up the dosage if needed. I am upping it alot. I really hope it starts working soon. I am going to be on my last “nerve” (haha) if it doesn’t. Good luck to you, I hope you can find some relief (I like ice packs)

Ear Icepicks and left teeth pain - your symptoms sound exactly like mine! My inner ear pain is so annoying if the wind is blowing on that side of my face.

Any new neuro/MD shouldn’t order any tests prior to your first consultation - that would be bad practice and a huge waste of money - so don’t be put off by that fact.

My current pain is nothing compared to a lot of people on this site - though maybe I am in remission and the gentle (not) little cattle prods I get are just that - little. I hope each day it doesn’t get worse.

As I have said many times on this site I couldn’t take the side effects of Tegretol, so am now on nothing, but have pain killers on hand. I really do believe my short burst of Tegretol reset my wiring, hopefully it will remain that way (gentle…cattle…prods) for a long time.

Good luck with that new Doc :slight_smile:

yo, T!!! what up? :wink: hey, please please, i’m begging you, please tell me if your Neuro ever called you back wiith info on another neuro you could go to. I’m guessing he didn’t. Because he’s a jerk, a moron, and unprofessional. But, i still want to know cuz if you don’t bug him about it, I will. :slight_smile: love ya!