Appointment with Neurosurgeon

I went to Hopkins yesterday for my MRI and consult with Dr. Lim, MRI showed a nerve that was rubbing, as for more information than that, I have to talk to them again, the whole day is now a blur to me. I got up at 4am to leave for hospital, had the MRI at 8:30 and was supposed to have appointment with Dr. Lim at 11:15, well appointment ended up being at 2pm. By the time I spoke to him I was done, I couldnt concentrate or anything. Apparently he wants to try a rhizotomy and see if it relieves my pain , he feels he can get rid of perhaps 70% but wont make any promises. If it works and relieves more than that amount of pain, he will then schedule an MVD. They are supposed to call today and set up appointment for the rhizotomy in 2-3 weeks. I think the waiting may kill me instead of the pain. I was hoping for better news, but as most of you know, atypical pain is the bugger of all this and apparently I have both forms. To make matters worse, my left side cheekbone is killing me and I am scared that I am developing TN on both sides, but I didnt even get a chance to discuss that with him. Apparently something happened to his assistant and from what I heard she was in the ER and thats why he got so far behind. I am having a hard time processing the way so many of us have to wait and wait for appointments and surgery and such and so little time is really devoted to talking to us when we finally do get to speak to someone. Hope you all are doing well today and thanks for listening