Neurostimulators....does it work?!

Here I am waking up with electric and crushing pain. The neurologist had suggested neurostimulators a while ago but medicaid wouldn’t cover it. Now that I have medicare I’m wondering if it’s a possibility. But does it work? My meds aren’t working very well and I’ve had mvd 2xs and gamma knife.

If you have had 2 MVD'S and gamma knife and you are still having pain, I would say GO FOR IT. Take care of you and hope it works!

I have a peripheral nerve stimulator since August, after MVD failed to take away my ATN pain. It is AWESOME!
Ask me any questions.

I have a stimulator, was in bed with the pain and meds for almost 3 years and now I live a normal life, besides needing the stimulator adjusted and struggling to get that done I am 100 percent satisfied! I have a life now pain stays about a 3 to 5 instead of 100!