Has anyone tried Motor Cortex Surgery or Peripheral Nerve Stimulator

What do you do when nothing works?

I have GPN Type II, constant pain ranging from 6-9. It's robbed me of a life for the past 4.5 yrs. I've had MVD (large artery compressing 10th nerve), a second surgery to cut nerves (9th and partially at 10th), gamma knife and i've tried every conceivable med.

Before 2nd surgery, I had a nerve block to determine if pain was still located at nerve endings. I was told it was as I was pain free for a few hours.

I can't believe I'm exploring another procedure or surgery but living with this much pain is not an option.

Has anyone had Motor Cortex Surgery (aka Deep Brain Stimulation) or Peripheral nerve stimulator (PNS) or have information about it as it relates to GPN. Not even sure if PNS is used on people with GPN. it is used for TN.

thanks so much.

Hi bluesea!

I believe that Wendy Baker had this Deep Brain Stimulation device installed. And I think that it works for her. Please read her comment on my page.

Wish you pain free days!


Thanks annable!

yes it looks like wendy had deep brain stimulation. don't know if she's been around lately but i'll try to get in touch with her.

bluesea you're welcome!

For a better chance to contact her join this Facebook group


Wendy created this group for anyone suffering from GPN.

There's another GPN group


There're a lot of people in there. And this's active group.

Good luck!


I have a motor cortex stimulator. It helps to intercept the pain, but still have pain not as bad as it used to be.

thanks reb,

I see from your profile that you have GPN & TN. did the motor cortex stimulator help at all with the GPN pain?

Both my surgeon and pain doc said MCS is not used and wouldn't work for GPN then both independently revised and said they weren't sure and would look into it.

Also who performed procedure; what type of doc?

thanks so much!!!