Nerve block gone wrong

Got my occipital nerve block yesterday & it was a new dr I had to see, I was very disappointed, not like my old dr, I miss him, my insurance does not take him anymore, out of all of the blocks it was the most painful, made it worse. It triggered my geniculate neuralgia,I am having 2 neuralgias now.
geniculate neuralgia

Oh Diana, I’m so sorry. that’s just not right! Is there anything you can do ?
Sending gentle (((( hugs )))) and hope things settle down for you.

Hugs Diana xxxxx

I'm so sorry --- has anybody given you anything for pain besides that??

Its a little better today at the injection sight, but not enough to know if it will do anything at all for me, I kind of think it wont help beause my teeth still hurt. I took some tramadol & it helped the sight pain a little but I got really itchy sooo idk

Sorry to hear of your rough time. When I get botox injections for migraine pain, my doc gives me 1 mg of xanax for the night before the appt and for three nights following the appt. PTSD from 10 years of pain is wiped out with this formula. He says I can use it the day of the appt, but taking one extra Neurontin an hour before is more beneficial. I also use Lidocaine ointment on the injection sites before and after the appt. Try to get more vitamin C in your diet. This will help aid in your healing. Take care, dear :slight_smile:

This doctor totally missed the spot and aggravated it more than it was, I need to find another new dr, and I'm to fogged out to deal with all this. :(

Have you tried finding a Pain Management Cinic? That is where I go and they do my nerve block shots. Also what did they put in the injections? My first round they did 7, with just lidocaine and marocaine*. It made me really sore for 5 days, at first I didn’t think it helped at all. Went back a wk later and had 10 more done and she put a tiny pit of cortazone in it and wow, what a difference. I wasn’t as sore the second time around, and it just made a big difference overall.