Need help on dietary tips to help TN

I had my most worst TN Attack on Saturday, it lastest for 20 long minutes!!! :'( I was a mess when I looked in the mirror when the pain eased off, I had mascara everywhere and could hardly open my mouth or right eye!... I have been taking lyrica -75mg twice a day for 2days now and have been FREE of TN ATTACK'S for 1 full day and have had NO Nurofen plus, this is my first day of being TN Attack free in 10weeks! :D I'm happy, but feeling weak and tired, but pain free feels AMAZING!!!!!

This medication makes me drowsy, dizzy and I get foggy brain, if anyone has any dietary tips to help TN please share, I have given up coffee so far.

Thank you for your support, as I dont have much at home!

Xo Marie

Get the book - STRIKING BACK by Dr. Ken Casey

Many helps and tips in there

I asked my neurologist to give me small dose of Ritalin (med for ADHD)

for only the days I needed it for fogginess and memory for work.

some will prescribe it, and some won't.

I also continue to have fast dissolving Vitamin B-12

It protects nerve coatings


gives you energy without the rush or crash of caffeine

BUT = BEFORE you have ANY procedures - please go to the groups tab

and join the aussie group

ask them what did work and what did not with doctors and procedures !!!!

Lyrica was the last straw for me - made me feel drunk - couldn't keep my job. I had an MVD surgery, and two years later, still no pain and no meds.

research all you can - and make sure you have THE BEST doctors for TN!!!!! Travel if you have to!