I’ve had ATN for about two years. It came after some disturbing dental work. I take a med like Elavil and also use a compounded cream that I rub on the affected area: right jaw and ear. Recently, I’ve had some pain on the right side of my nose, so I put a dab of cream there too. When my pain flares I get very bad nausea. I drink Emetrol (OTC) like crazy. It helped a little at first, but not much of late. Does anyone else get bad nausea and what do you take for it ?

I’ve been experiencing bad nausea the last few months off and on, which I attribute to a change in meds.
I’ve been sipping on ginger ale which helps almost instantly.
Hope you’re feeling better soon. Mimi


I have Type 1 TN and left sided headaches, so the nausea from both is bad. I am on a continuous patch, Sancuso 3.1 mg/24 hours which helps with the nausea. Even with the patch, sometimes I still have bad nauseas, so I take Prochlorperazine 10 mg; although it really helps it is very sedating. Both of the medications were prescribed by my neurologist and I think they are worth a try.

Hope you find something that helps.

I have ATN 24/7 but about 2 months ago I got a Stimulator implanted and it takes care of 80-90% of my pain from the worst spot. It is amazing. I have had nausea and vomiting ever since diagnosis with TN which later morphed into type 2TN. I still have it even though I have the Stimulator handling a lot of the pain. I have Promethazine 25-50 mg to take as needed but unfortunately it comes on SO fast that I couldn’t get the pill down fast enough to help. For example Sunday evening I felt fine, walked into the grocery store, over to the produce section and had to run out before I hurled all over the oranges (sorry to be so graphic). Smells are BAD and any kinds of butters and oils really get me. I feel for you guys who have this too.