Naltrexone for TN treatment


Is anyone taking Naltrexone for TN treatment? My husband has been prescribed this (4.5). The specialist at the compounding facility insists it works for autoimmune disorders, such as RA, and with some people with TN. We are getting a lot of skepticism, especially from workers comp who doesn't want to cover the med, because of it is primarily used to treat alcoholism, and drug dependency. Is anyone familiar with online literature that is helpful in the debate about the effectiveness of Naltrexone in treating TN symptoms? Any feedback is greatly appreciated :)

I tried Naltrexone at 4.5; it didn't alleviate my pain. unlike many meds I've tried I had no significant side effects.

I took this med before I was diagnosed so not sure there's data indicating effectiveness specifically for TN. It is used for chronic pain and as you noted for auto immune disorders and more.

best of luck.