Has anyone tried Naltrexone and if so did it work for the pain? Thanks.

Howdy! I’ve been in it since September for chronic pain, widespread! It doesn’t seem to touch my face pain. It did however “calm” my body down. I have fibro, and a host of other things and it definitely helps my fibro!

Hi Meghan,

Welcome to the Group and thank you for replying to my Post. If you don’t mind could you please tell me the dosage you are on and also if you had/have any problems with nausea in particular or any other side effects.

Thank you again.

Hi - I’ve been taking low dose Naltrexone since last October. The dosage is 4.5 mg. I have TN and Occipital Neuralgia. I think it’s helped, although I still have symptoms of both. It’s a matter of degree. It’s helped enough that I’m very happy I found it. No side effects (and I’m very susceptible to nausea). One caveat - If you happen to take synthroid for hypothyroidism, don’t take naltrexone at the same time. I think it interfered with the absorption of the synthroid - my TSH went up.


For years I was on a low-dose 4.5 mg. Big hassle. Has to be compounded. Expensive. I have type two. I quit. Made no difference in pain level.

Yes. It hasn’t touched the pain. Helps me rest tho. Hope it helps you.

Hi Deb,

Thanks so much for the information. I am still waiting for the Naltrexone (4mg) because I had to get it from a compound pharmacy and they have to mail it to me. I don’t take Synthroid but appreciate the information.

I’m very glad that it is helping you. Hoping it works for me because I’ve tried almost everything else.


Thank for replying. I’m sorry it didn’t work for you. Mine does have to be compounded but it wasn’t expensive. Takes about ten days to get to me though and am still waiting.

Hope you found something else that works.


Thanks for replying. Glad it at least helps you rest.

Thanks for the well wishes.