MVD Recovery Advice

So this week starts the last week of my time off from work since my surgery on April 25 and I'm a little nervous about going back to work. I have no problems right now with staying awake all day, but that's with minimal "manual labor" throughout the day. The biggest issues I have is if I sit for too long I end up in a lot of pain, starting at the back of my head and radiating down my neck and back, to the point that laying down is the only way to relieve the pain; I get weak, light-headed and start to shake; and my left ear hasn't stopped hurting since the surgery, feels like a prolonged ear infection.....

Any advice/suggestions on how I can deal with these issues? I want to go back to work but I'm afraid that I may not be ready and I don't want to do anything to jeopardize my health/healing.

Hi Sarah,
My only advice is listen to your body, only you know what you’re capable of. Go see your doctor and discuss these issues before you head back to work. My surgery was April 9th and I know if I had too, I still wouldn’t be ready to go back to work.
I was very inactive for a year prior to my surgery due to my health, and my energy levels are very low. I tend to get a pressure type feeling in my head since mvd when I’ve done too much.
Have your doctor look at your ear as well.
Trust your gut, and listen to your body we all need different amounts of time to recover.
Best of luck to you, keep in touch, (( hugs )) Mimi

Can I ask how long you all had to take off work due to the surgery??

Barbie32 - I took 6 weeks off of work, due to go back on Monday. I’m gonna give it a try because that’s the only way I’ll know if I’m ready.

I pray it all goes amazing for you. I’m going to see the dr Wednesday about the surgery and I’m hoping to go back to work at least part time in 4 weeks. But I wasn’t sure if that’s possible or just wishful thinking.

Will your job let you start back to work slowly, with shorter days, or maybe let you get up and walk around every hour or so? I hope you have a nice employer.

Yes, I have a great employer;) I manage a salon so I’m on my feet all day… Will that be bad? I know I can go back doing short shifts first, but is trying at 3 or 4 weeks even a possibility?

I am new to this board. I don't know what MVD is.

MVD is Micro Vascular Decompression. They drilled a small hole in the left side of my skull to gain access to the Trigeminal Nerve so they could relieve the pressure on it. This is supposed to be the “fix” for all the pain and numbness issues I’ve had. And so far, it seems to have worked very well.
This explains mvd.