MVD on 2/7/2013

MVD post op 2/14/13

MRI showing obstruction, but the image is not advanced enough to give us an indication of how much vein is touching my Trigeminal Nerve. Worst pain is Left side of head and face. Object of MVD is to relief Atypical and Classic Trigeminal Neuralgia. Hoping to improve other complication’s such as left eye pain and motor function loss (eye drag) to determine if TN is or was causing headaches and scalp pain. All noted present prior to surgery time.

Surgery 9am Thursday morning. Out of ICU and into recovery by about 3pm. My surgeon found two blood vessels rubbing on my TN in two spots. One vein had done more damage than the other. He shredded Teflon to make a thick padded layer of cushion around the TN so that the veins cannot touch any more. He said the surrounding nerves seemed to be unaffected by any compression, not for sure but indicating my face pain could be stimulated by the TN compression.

Friday-No numbness on face, face pain improved by an instant 85%. Swelling around incision is the most painful, and my glasses bother the site very much. Right sided TN tingles and pains started up this afternoon. Strong night time Left sided tongue tingles resulting in my normal top of scalp pain lasting through the day. Ear full of blood and fluid feels like when one has infection popping and hissing. But draining. Aches a lot. Hearing supersensitive and headache very high. Escaped hospital Friday night because the nurses were not controlling my pain meds, giving my other pain meds or letting me sleep. Which is so cruel and I cannot tolerate while having a hole in my head. So I did all I had to do to get released early. Out Friday night-One day !!!

Recovered so much faster with sleep. Better each day.

Tuesday-Took off band aid yesterday to see my Frankenstein head. Numbness close to incision site strong with strong pain quality also.

Off of Percocet Monday, maintaining pain level on normal meds, Tramadol and Ice. Gallixa helps with the swelling and pain along with my Ketamine cream. With bilateral TN, my others side has been in agony making it most difficult to get comfy. I think they smashed and my ear and head screwed to a board. I have screw holes to fit. So my other ear has a bed sore thing. Ouch! Gallixa, Ketamine, Ice to the rescue.

One week after I notice healing every day. My strength returning, surgery pain lessening slowly. Finally something is working folks; my surgeon was very pleased with the instant results, because of my complex atypical face pain. He was truly unsure how far we would get with pain control. I asked for 50% and I got it. I woke up almost with no face pain. My eye still hurts with a considerable drag, it was dry until yesterday. It tears up like it used too today.

Time will tell, but we are already very impressed with the results. Not pain free yet but I have more hope than before.

Wishing you all relief,


Hi . Your experience sounds very similar to mine, post op.

Try an anti emetic,like compazine or phenergan or vistail for pain, NOT narcotics. The narcotics may be giving you more headaches.

I had the fluid in the ear,felt like a washing machine was working overtime. Meclizine and decongestants helped. But the thing that really turned the corner for that was Hydraclorothiazide 25mg every day (a diuretic) that gets into the brain and helps pull off that extra fluid. The normal healing drainage from your brain and surgery is stuck in a locked space (your skull) so the only way out is into your inner ear.

Try a lubricating eye drop. This kind of surgery tends to aggravate dry eye and teary eye.

I finally took the side of my glasses off so nothing could touch or rub against my scar while it was healing.

I hope you get 100% relief soon!

Thanks for sharing your experience…hope this note finds you relaxing and healing and less uncomfortable!
Wishing you continued well being,
Mimi xx

9thnerve, thank you so much for all of this information is so valuable.
I will be using this knowledge to get better easier and faster. I already drain my lymph system and noticed that makes a big difference on my swelling in my face. My ear has been bothering me for the last couple of days again pain and pressure Swishing popping etc. You are right the narcotics do not work. I stopped those the day I came home from hospital.
Thanks again for your kind words of encouragement and knowledge,