MVD Information

Dear all, I have been told this morning that I will have the MVD on 11th December at Queen Elizabeth, Birmingham, UK. I have read about the risks and benefits of having the operation but wondered if anyone who has had this procedure could fill in the more practical information? How long is the operation? How long are you in hospital? how long before you are fit for work? These would normally be questions to ask my consultant but will not be seeing him again until after the op. Any help would be gratefully received. Mark x

Hi mark, although I have not had an MVD (yet) I have been actively researching this option for the last few months. ( am currently waiting for 2nd opinion of a different neurosurgeon)
That being said, there is a wealth of information in the MVD group here on the site.
Here are the best answers I can come up with to your questions based on my research.
The operation can range from 2hours to 4 hours depending on each individual situation. With no adverse complications, you can plan on spending a night in icu and then anywhere from 2-4 nights on a recovery ward.
The healing/recovery process is different for anyone, most say 4-6 weeks recovery, return to work depends again on your unique situation.
My best advice Mark is to join the MVD group and read through all the different posts of forum members who have actually had MVD. This will give you an idea, as well as many tips on how to prepare before and after.
All the best of wishes to you, (( hugs )) Mimi

Hi Mark. I know nothing about MVD but want to hold your hand while you are waiting and you must know that we are all with you in spirit.

All the best.

Thanks for support guys, I have now had my pre op assessment and just waiting for the big day, Dr said I should be in ICU for about 24 hours followed by 3/4 days recovery on a Neuro ward. The rest will be recovering at home with my family and friends in time for Christmas xxx

I had mvd surgery. You may wake up with a headache, but that’s no big deal and it goes away after about a day. The stitches are itchy, and the site where the surgeon opens up your skull will be tender for some time, but again, tis is not so bad. After you have had the surgery, keep us posted on your prognosis and I’ll share more. Your profile picture shows you in a lot of pain. My heart goes out to you, and so I will e praying for you. I well remember waiting that final two weeks before my surgery. It was tough. Keep having highest hopes for a complete recovery and optimum success. That is what I will be hoping and praying for you. In the meantime, keep writing when you can. Blessings and gentle hugs to you. - Laurel

Thanks for the reply, its only a few days now until the operation, I am more scared of going in than if its going to work at the moment!!! I'm not too sure where this as come from? I have already had general anesthetic four times for glycerol injections. Its silly because I get very teary every day, and usually over silly things and i'm normally the big and strong sort. The whole family have been planning for a wonderful Christmas on my return from hospital which I am really looking forward to. Did you have these strong emotional feelings before? x

Oh, yes! It was a somber time, but one that was filled with emotion. I was scared the operation wouldn’t work and I would come out of it broken worse than before. By the way, that is very unlikely to happen with MVD surgery. You will have a wonderful Christmas. Drugs can cause our mind to think and get emotional in ways that we are not used to. Also, serious situations like the one you are in does weaken the spirit, but be assured; you are the strong man that you have always been. Your battle right now is severe, but you will overcome, believe it. You will.