MVD surgery

I am schedule to have surgery on April 13th. I am getting nervous the closer it gets. Can someone please share with me what to expect immediately following the surgery? I know I will be in the hospital for a few days, but that’s about it. My surgeon uses artificial bone to fill the skull opening, does anybody else have that? How long were you down following the surgery? How long did you miss work? Any help is appreciated!


Hi Amy , iv had mvd surgery twice now , 1 st time was April 2010 second just 9wks ago jan 2011.

ill go through the basics with you , i have a scar that is about 3 inch long just behind my left ear my hair was shaved but only enough for the surgery so dont worry about that , you are put to sleep for surgery so what ever they do then dont worry about as your know nothing about it ,

when i woke i was very nauseous this lasted a couple of days was told very normal for this type of surgery, i had a head ache and basically felt sorry for myself for a few days but i think you get yourself all worked up about having it done ect and its a big op so just relax and let everybody else worry for you . i was in hosp for 5 days the 1st time 2days only the seconed , i did have complications 1st time i was left with left vocal cord palsy just had throat injections last week to help this , the seconed time i was ok i have developed a csf leak now but been told common for this type of surgery so not to worry they are dealling with it . Just make sure you have rest when you get home i felt unwell for about 2/3 weeks just tired washed out that sort of thing.

I had a blood vessel compressing on my nerve but for me surgery hasnt worked my nerve is damaged from the constant pulsing of the vessel on the nerve , i had all my surgery in the royal London Hosp by a great surgeon i was the 4th the person to have this done here , im tolds very rare condition . I hope this works for you i wish you well x Lou

hi amy how are you doing ???